Love + Trust + Emotional Healing

The stone of universal love, Rose Quartz acts as a magnifier of the heart, creating emotional healing, clearing toxic attachments and opening the heart to attract & accept love--this includes self love.


Rebirth + Growth + Abundance

A stabilizing stone strongly connected to nature, Moss Agate is said to refresh the spirit, nourish the soul, and bring our own energies closer to nature, allowing us to grow, expand, and transcend smoothly into life's next journey. This stone is a great fit for those embarking on a new endeavers.


Stimulation + Self-Esteem + Fertility

The fiery brilliance of passionate Carnelian is highly sought by those seeking some much needed energy and vigor. The bold vibes of this stimulating stone carries a spirited life-force to restore vitality and give a powerful boost to both the mind and body.
Wearers should take note: since ancient times, the feminine dynamic of Carnelian has long been harnessed to aid in increased fertility.


Courage + Confidence + Resilience

Known as 'The Shapeshifter', the Tiger's Eye Stone is known to carry multi-dimensional frequencies, helping to shift its user's mindset to a more positive outlook. A powerful stone for releasing fear and anxiety, this golden beauty is excellent for taking action and making decisions. Need a boost of confidence? This is the stone for you.


Enthusiasm + Stimulation + Bravado

Pulling from the power and confidence of the Tiger's Eye, Fuchsia Tiger's Eye is a highly stimulating stone used to support motivation and a more active sex drive. Combine this with an energy that aids in enhancing confidence and self-esteem, and you have quite the enthusiastic stone on your hands.


Motivation + Metabolism + Manifestation

Highly renowned as a potent 'Growth Stone', Blue Apatite is considered a motivational gemstone that is known to stimulate the intellect to expand knowledge, with a vibratory level associated with psychic perception. The unique vibrations are often used to stimulate deep mediation and spiritual attunement. An excellent stone for magnifying one's intention. Bonus? Blue Apatite has been credited with suppressing hunger and raising the metabolic rate. WIN!


Grace + Compassion + Confidence

A stone of compassion, Rhodochrosite acts as an emotional balancer, clearing away emotional wounds and nurturing love. Encouraging self-love and forgiveness, this loving gemstone is often used to release mental and spiritual blockages, as its energy field can be quite strong. A favorite for smoothing relationship conflicts and strengthening bonds.


Patience + Repose + Memory

A super-calming stone, Howlite is commomly utilized for its gentle, soothing energy, helping to calm fits of anger and bad tempers. Known to heighten levels of patience, Howlite is said to bring peace and clarity of mind to its user, infusing a tranquil energy to allow for a still and peaceful demeanor. Bonus? White Howlite has been found to be an excellent sleep-aid for those who suffer insomnia.


Stamina + Power + Discipline

This protective stone strengthens one's confidence, making its wearer feel more secure by stabilizing mental imbalances. By providing structure, Black Onyx aids its wearer in mastering their own future, while simultaneously acting as a strong defense against negative energies. Highly useful for those who feel like they're being drained of personal energy, this deeply reflective stone provides the raw confidence to build the courage necessary to believe in their own power.


Wisdom + Truth + Discovery

One of the most sought after stones in use since the beginning of recorded history, Lapis' deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of honor, power, and vision. Celebrated for its ability to encourage self-awareness, this mesmerising stone reveals inner truth while stimulating clarity and enouraging creativity.


Grounding + Stability + Strength

The Nurturer, the Healer, the Spirit Stone... Worn by Shamans, Priests, and Kings, almost every civilization has utilized the highly-treasured Jasper stone. Considered the 'Supreme Nurturer', Jasper is known to carry the strongest connection to Earth out of any other stone. With a slow and constant frequency, this elemental stone aligns with the electromagnetic energies of the planet, making Jasper highly valued as a powerful protection stone of grounding, stability, and strength.


Transition + Recovery + Equilibrium

No other stone is as highly praised for its acute balancing abilities than the lovely Lepidolite crystal.
Deriving its name from the Greek word "lepidos", meaning 'scale', Lepidolite contains high concentrations of lithium, which is commonly used in treatments to combat depression and anxiety.
Known as the 'Transition Stone', the nurturing nature of this soul-stabilizing stone often serves to restore emotional balance during turbulent times, releasing pent-up negative energies and clearing emotional fog.
Suffering mood swings? This is the stone for you.


Love + Passion + Confidence

Inspiring love and devotion, Garnet is considered a highly powerful gemstone. Red Garnet is prized for its ability to increase vibrations throughout the body, breaking apart stagnant energies, and opening the heart while bestowing self-confidence to its wearer.


Calming + Protective + Balance

Named the 'Gem of Fire' by ancient civilizations, Amethyst has, at times in history, had a worth as high as diamonds. A comfort stone, the inherent high frequency of Amethyst is long believed to purify the aura of negative energy and attachments, acting as a natural tranquilizer, soothing dreams, and protecting its wearer against negative energies


Healing + Restoration + Vitality

A stone of calm in the midst of the storm, Purple Jade is highly prized for its ability to balance nerves and heal feelings of defeat. Known as the 'Dream Stone', this purple beauty is often used to improve dream recall and release surpressed emotions via the dream process. An excellent stone for strengthening the emotional body.


Purification + Protection + Healing

Known as the 'Master Stone', Turquoise has been known as the talisman of Kings, Shamans, and Warriors, and is one of the oldest healing stones in history. Used as a purification stone, Turquoise will effectively dispel negative energies while aiding in the elimination of physical and emotional exhaustion. Due to its tremendous healing energy, Turquoise is often used to boost the immune system and aid in warding off illness.


Rebirth + Grounding + Stability

Created within the center of the Earth, Lava Stone is formed when molten lava solidifies under intense heat and pressure. Because it comes from raw energy, Lava Stone is considered to be a stone of rebirth, while its strong connection to the Earth provides great grounding benefits to its wearer, while allowing the opportunity for stability through changes in life.


Rebirth + Grounding + Stability

Created within the center of the Earth, Lava Stone is formed when molten lava solidifies under intense heat and pressure. Because it comes from raw energy, Lava Stone is considered to be a stone of rebirth, while its strong connection to the Earth provides great grounding benefits to its wearer, while allowing the opportunity for stability through changes in life.


Endurance + Energy + Vitality

Believed to invigorate all systems of the body, Red Jade is valued for its stimulating energy. Encouraging attention to physical strength, this lively stone is great for invoking a fighting spirit when needed.


Goodwill + Benevolence + Generosity

A nurturing stone that promotes brotherhood and goodwill, Chalcedony is referred to as the 'Goodwill Stone'. Encouraging kindness, unity, and understanding, Yellow Chalcedony is prized for its ability to increase your life energy while inspiring kindness and good deeds. The friendly frequencies of this sunny stone will perfectly complimemt the energy of your favorite gemstones.


Tranquility + Patience + Wisdom

Known as the 'Wise Stone', Chrysocolla has a rich history as a stone of calming reconciliation and reassurance. Its gentle nature is said to help cool hot tempers and instill patience and tranquility into its wearer. A wonderful stone for restoring balance, this colorful crystal is a favorite for promoting level-headedness and encouraging clarity and sensibility in turbulent times. A favorite for those with high-demanding occupations.


Optimism + Insight + Acceptance

Regarded as the antidepressant of the gemstone world, Green Chrysoprase is most often used to cool off intense emotions when the storm of anxiety hits. Providing the energetic vibrations to promote optimism and personal acceptance, energy workers utilize this compassionate stone to induce a deep meditative state to unblock toxicities lingering from childhood, and introduce a stabilizing energy of joy to it user.


Intuition + Serenity + Comfort

A gentle, comforting stone, Blue Angelite is thought to improve spiritual awareness with a peaceful energy that is both calming and soothing. The tranquility of this amazing stone is said to help quiet the mind, allowing for its user to more easliy enter the receptive mode required for seeking and finding truth.


Intuition + Desire + Positivity

Prized for its ability to impart sense of well-being to its user, Pink Aventurine is often used for clearing feelings of being trapped, allowing its wearer to better see alternatives. This makes for a great facilitator of creative inspiration to spark one's true desires.


Vitality + Positivity + Freedom

Often used to dissipate fearfulness, alleviate stress, and increase vitality, happy Sunstone is an energizing stone said to encourage independence and create an improved state of consciousness. Containing a strong solar energy, this shimmering gemstone embodies the warmth, strength and openness of the sun.


Luck + Wealth + Friendship

Considered the 4-leaf clover of the gemstone world, Green Jade is regarded as one of the luckiest stones in existence. Said to bring harmony, friendship, good luck, peace and prosperity, this lucky green gem has remained a favorite throughout the years.


Prosperity + Creativity + Happiness

Said to be the Vitamin C of the Soul, Citrine resonates with joy and happiness. Known for its acute ability to provide energy and inspiration, this happy stone is most often utilized for its acute powers of prosperity and abundance.


Joy + Happiness + Stability

Also called the 'Laughter Stone', or 'Happy Lace', Crazy Lace Agate is said to bring joy to those who wear it. By helping to eliminate negative energies and transform them into powerful and uplifting ones, this cheerful stone is excellent for providing feelings of security and inner-stability during vulnerable times.


Authenticity + Healing + Hope

The "Hope Stone". Widely regarded to have tremendous healing abilities, Amazonite has long been used as a soothing stone, calming the nervous system while alleviating worry and fear. Amazonite's ability to balance masculine & feminine energies is what is believed to help its user see both sides of a problem, while releasing toxic emotions and acting as the "anti-anxiety" medication of the gemstone world.


Protection + Strength + Clarity

A strong protection stone, Black Obsidian creates a shield around the aura, blocking negative energies and drawing out mental stress. As one of the most intense stones in use, Black Obsidian's penetrating energy is an excellent stone for sensitive souls and truth seekers alike.


Inspiration + Encouragement + Emotional Stability

African Turquoise is known as a stabilizing stone that inspires structure and balance to awaken one to their intended purpose. A complex stone that is believed to help ease mood swings, encourage acceptance and soothe feelings of emotional aggrevation, resulting in a more optimistic attitude towards life.


Cleansing + Grounding + Vision

Found within 300 million year old crystallized magma, Larvikite is deeply connected to the Earth's ancient energies. Known for it's stunning flashes of blue light, Larvikite is a highly potent stone most often used for its abilities to cleanse and repel toxic energies, while stimulating inner visions and enhancing one's psychic abilities.



Creativity + Passion + Growth

Long ago believed to be the footprints of the Divine on Earth, Yellow Opals are one of the most emotional stones in existence. Known to reflect the mood of its wearer, this passionate stone intensifies emotions and enhances sensations while releasing inhibitions. A stone with the vibrational frequencies best aligned with inventiveness and creativity, this highly-prized gemstone is treasured for its ability to stimulate originality. A must for artists, creators, and craftsmen.


Power + Purpose + Growth

With its golden sheen shining through, the subtle brilliance and reflective nature of Golden Obsidian is known to turn heads. The vibrational energy of this complex stone is thought to create a protective shield around its owner, repelling incoming negativity while assisting its wearer to reclaim their personal power. Need a boost of confidence in the workplace? This is the stone for you.