About Us

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Free-Spirited. Empowered. Aligned.

Woman owned and woman inspired, Pink Mango was created for you! A free spirit who is anything but ordinary, you design your life in concert with the universe, always stretching and always growing. You approach life with a sense of adventure, and your style reflects it. Our inspirational jewelry nurtures your courage and creativity, empowering you to express your own unique individuality while manifesting your dreams. Keep your heart and mind open and remain free-spirited, empowered, and aligned!


Jewelry With Meaning

Match your vibe. Whether it's the healing properties of vibrant gemstones, or a little sass to express your saucy side, don't overthink which color or style to choose. You will be naturally drawn to what your soul is craving. Sometimes that's a spiritual jewelry piece to bring you into alignment, and sometimes that's a daring and expressive piece that shows off the badass woman within. Don't overthink it, just let your intuition guide you. 


A Celebration of You

From boho chic to the finishing touches of your eclectic style, Pink Mango is all about letting you be you. Bold, Brazen, and unapologetically real. We celebrate in the authentic women who aren't afraid to be themselves, who aren't afraid to speak up and live for what they've been told is impossible. Shop for yourself, or to find the perfect, meaningful gifts to guide and empower the women warriors in your life!   



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Phone: +1 (317) 220-5086
Email: support@pinkmango.love
Address: Pink Mango, 5868 East 71st Street, suite E586, Indianapolis, IN 46220